MICA Windows

Download latest Windows installer from the link below:

Version# 5.3.16
Works on: Windows 10
Download MICA for Windows

MICA Android

Download latest Android installers from the links below directly to your Android device:

Tablet Installer Version# 17.0.7
(Requires Android 5.1.1 or higher)
Download MICA for Android tablet.
(Due to some update in Chrome on android 8.x, MICA floor planner (sketch) (Version: 17.0.4) may not work properly on this platform To resolve this from device settings go to apps and disable Chrome)

Phone Installer Version# 15.1.1
(Requires Android 5.1.1 or higher)
Download MICA for Android phone.

Special instructions for Android phone version installation

Upgrading over version 13.2.x requires a clean install. Before you install the latest version on your Android phone:

1. Please export your existing claims to MICA cloud.
2. Delete your existing installation.
3. Install version 15.1.1 from the link above.
4. Download the claims from MICA cloud, if required.

MICA for iOS

All the power of MICA is also available on your iOS devices! Sketch, Electronic Signature, Equipment Placement, Pictures, Notes, and more...

Get MICA Mobile for iPad (5.1.216) on App Store »

Get MICA Mobile for iPhone (3.2.100) on App Store »