MICA Windows

Download latest Windows installer from the link below:

Version# 6.2.7
Works on Windows 10 or higher, running on x86/x64 based processors (ARM based Windows tablets are not presently supported)
Download MICA for Windows

MICA Android

Download latest Android installers from the links below directly to your Android device:

Tablet Installer Version#
(Requires Android 8.0.0 or higher)
Download MICA for Android tablet.

Phone Installer Version# 17.0.4
(Requires Android 8.0.0 or higher)
Download MICA for Android phone.

Special instructions for Android app installation

If you have MICA for Android Tablet v17.0.x or lower or MICA for Android Phone v16.0.x or lower already installed in your devices, you need a fresh installation in order to update your apps to the latest versions. For any such existing installation:

1. Please export your existing jobs to MICA cloud.
2. Delete your existing installation.
3. Install the latest versions from the links above, as applicable.
4. Download the claims from MICA cloud, if required.

MICA for iOS

All the power of MICA is also available on your iOS devices! Sketch, Electronic Signature, Equipment Placement, Pictures, Notes, Compliance Alerts and more...
(Requires iOS 13.0 or higher)

Get MICA Mobile for iPad (6.64) from App Store »

Get MICA Mobile for iPhone (6.7) from App Store »